POLAR Working Papers

POLAR Working Papers represent work in progress. We welcome comments and feedback on any of our papers, and will also occasionally post new versions of any working paper on this page. When citing any of our working papers, please follow the suggested citation format on the cover page and please preferably make sure to cite the most recent version of any particular working paper. Thank you!

POLAR Working Paper #1
A New Old Macroeconomics of Social Cohesion: Rising Prosperity Still Trumps Rising Inequality, at Least for Many
Markus Gangl, Carlotta Giustozzi, Svenja Hense and Simon Bienstman
Current version: 17 December 2021
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POLAR Working Paper #2
Explaining the “Democratic Malaise” in Unequal Societies: Inequality, External Efficacy and Political Trust
Simon Bienstman, Svenja Hense, and Markus Gangl
Current Version: 4 March 2022
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POLAR Working Paper #3
A Generalized Ordered Logit Model to Accommodate Multiple Rating Scales
Markus Gangl
Current Version: 11 March 2022
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Giustozzi, C. (2022). Social Consequences of Labour Market Marginalisation in Germany. Analysing the Impact of Social Identities and Values. Opladen, Berlin, Toronto: Budrich Academic Press.

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