Upcoming POLAR presentations at the 2021 AS online conference “Cohesive Societies?”

This year’s conference of the German Academy of Sociology (AS) will be held online on the theme of “Cohesive Societies?” between September 29 and October 1, 2021. Given its highly topical umbrella theme, we are very happy to have two contributions from the POLAR project at the conference.

On September 29, Markus Gangl will give a keynote lecture based on the working paper “A New Old Macroeconomics of Social Cohesion: Rising Prosperity Still Trumps Rising Inequality, at Least for Many”, and on October 1, Simon Bienstman, Svenja Hense, and Markus Gangl will contribute a paper presentation of their working paper “Explaining the democratic malaise: testing perceived responsiveness as a mechanism for the inequality-trust link“.

More information about the conference can be found here. The conference program features a distinguished set of keynote speakers, including Richard Wilkinson, Delia Baldassarri, Fabian Pfeffer and Michael Zürn, among others. And best of all: thanks to generous funding, registration for the conference is free of charge! So spread the word & see you “in” Leipzig then!

Published by Markus Gangl

I am a professor of sociology at the Goethe University Frankfurt in Germany, where I lead the research group on Social Stratification and Public Policy at its Institute of Sociology. My areas of expertise are economic inequality, labor markets, social mobility, life courses, unemployment, poverty, women's careers, public policy, and quantitative approaches to social research in general. I am also the current editor of the European Sociological Review, one of the leading academic journals of our discipline.

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