POLAR presentation at the Politics & Society Workshop Series 2022 in Milan

Carlotta presented joint work with the POLAR team exploring how different dimensions of economic inequality affect political trust at the Politics & Society Workshop Series 2022 in Milan, Italy the 17th& 18th March this year. Thanks to the organizers for this wonderful workshop! For more info on the event see: https://www.soziopolis.de/fileadmin/Editorial/Calls/CfA_Individual_and_Contextual_Effects_10.1.2022.pdf

Upcoming Talk at the 15th ESA Conference 2021

On September 3rd, Carlotta Giustozzi will give a presentation with the title “Beyond financial strain: Explaining the relationship of unemployment and civic participation through values and social identity” at the 15th ESA virtual Conference, Barcelona. She will present findings from her dissertation project on the effects of unemployment on civic participation in Germany with SOEPContinue reading “Upcoming Talk at the 15th ESA Conference 2021”